More important than ever: safety on holiday in South Tyrol!
Our daily lives have changed, it’s true. But we all still long to travel and for a change of scenery. Having implemented our own independent security measures, we in South Tyrol are striving to offer a safe holiday experience. We’ve created more personal space for everyone, so that you’ll feel even more comfortable on your next stay. As carefree as possible. As safe as necessary!

Is a holiday in South Tyrol possible?
South Tyrol is a white zone.
What you need to know to enter South Tyrol from EU countries and Schengen countries (countries on List C) and to return to your home country can be found here.
Accommodations are open and guarantee you a safe stay due to the security measures valid in South Tyrol. For further details, please contact the respective accommodation structure.
Environmentally friendly, comfortable and practical: choose to travel by train and enjoy relaxed holiday moments right from the start.

How is public life currently organised?
Within South Tyrol, you can move freely at any time without having to declare yourself.
Wearing a surgical mask outdoors is no longer compulsory. However, it is still compulsory to have a surgical mask with you and to wear it whenever there are crowds of people.
Any outdoor movement activities are permitted with a minimum distance between people of two metres for sporting activities and a minimum distance of one metre for other movement activities.
Retail shops are open throughout the week. Wearing a surgical mask while shopping is compulsory for persons 6 years and older.
Bars and restaurants may stay open according to their regular hours of operation.
Public transport and cable cars operate at 80% capacity. The wearing of a surgical mask during use is compulsory for persons 6 years and older, although the wearing of the FFP2 mask is still recommended. Transportation with open vehicles can be used at 100% capacity.
Visits to theatres, cinemas and concert halls are possible with reservation.
Museums can be visited with 100% occupancy.
Outdoor swimming pools and swimming centres are open.
Fitness centres and indoor swimming pools are open.
Outdoor events take place.

What is the Green Pass required for in South Tyrol?
for public events, e.g. in public bars and restaurants, at village and meadow festivals
for overnight stays in communal dormitories of refuges, mountain inns and youth hostels
for theatre, concert or cinema performances with an audience of more than 50 per cent
for admission to public indoor swimming pools, thermal baths, gymnasiums and public wellness facilities
children under 12 years of age do not have to show a green pass in the above situations.
for entry to South Tyrol/Italy (from 6 years of age)

As of Friday, 6 August 2021, the Green Pass is required for entry to the following services and activities:
Consumption of food and beverages in closed rooms, seated at tables, also in those of accommodation establishments.
Indoor swimming pools, swimming centres, fitness rooms, team sports, wellness facilities in enclosed spaces, including those of accommodation establishments
Public events and competitions
Museums, other cultural sites and exhibitions
Fairs, conferences and congresses
Thermal centres, theme parks and amusement parks
Cultural centres, social centres, indoors

What security measures should be taken into account?
As a general rule, the following applies in South Tyrol as worldwide: wash and disinfect your hands frequently, keep a safe distance from people who are not your relatives, always wear mouth/nose protection in enclosed spaces. Outdoors, mouth-nose protection only needs to be worn if the minimum distance of 1 metre cannot be maintained and where there are crowds of people.
Wearing a surgical mask on public transport and when shopping is compulsory for people aged 6 and over. Wearing the FFP2 mask is still recommended. Wearing an FFP2 mask is compulsory during services to people, for example at hairdressers or in beauty salons.

Where can I get more information?
Current figures on the coronavirus in South Tyrol can be found on the website of the South Tyrolean provincial administration.
Here you can find more information about the Green Pass.
Here you can find testing facilities in your area.
If you have flu-like symptoms, do not go to the doctor or hospital under any circumstances, but call +39 1500 to clarify the further course of action.
For guest information that does not relate to medical or organisational matters, dial the following number: South Tyrol Information Tel. +39 0471 999 999 (opening hours: from Monday to Friday: 9.00-12.30 and 14.00-18.00. Saturday: 9.30-12.30 and 14.00-18.00).
For callers from Italy who have medical and organisational questions: The Green Number 800751751 is available daily between 8.00 and 20.00.

More Heart Than Ever:
Everything has changed, but we’re still the same. Your satisfaction and a high level of quality remain our firm standards. Our staff is at your disposal anytime and will provide you with the best advice in every situation.

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